Completed Spirit of the Rivers Monument after Figures were Installed

Special Construction:

Spirit of the Rivers Monument, Two Rivers, WI

Installed north of the wayside on Memorial Dr. between Manitowoc and Two Rivers, the “Spirit of the Rivers” public monument depicts a trio of 10-ft-tall bronze figures carrying a birch bark canoe between two navigable waters – symbolic of an activity done by those who called the lakeshore home for thousands of years. The majestic Spirit of the Rivers monument is the work of internationally recognized artist and Manitowoc native R.T. “Skip” Wallen, and stands as a tribute to “the first vessels to ply these waters and foreshadows our rich maritime history.” Nine years in the making, the landmark public art project is a collaborative effort between the cities of Manitowoc and Two Rivers and will serve as an educational resource and local attraction.

The concrete base poured to support the statues is 5’ thick and with reinforcing steel weighs more than 56,000 lbs. A steel frame was fabricated by Broadwind Towers and covered on the sides and top with 2” thick granite panels. The 10’ high, 3-ton bronze statues were then mounted on top of the base.

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