Healthcare Facilities:

Holy Family Memorial Lab Renovation, Manitowoc, WI

Testimonial by Linda Couron, Director, Holy Family Memorial:

“Although not increasing our square footage at all, we were able to increase our workspace tremendously by removing walls and small rooms, and by eliminating a large middle hallway that couldn’t formerly be used as work space. The plans were developed by the laboratory staff themselves, incorporating LEAN principals we had studied in depth. We also did a site visit to St. Michaels Hospital in Stevens Point to review how they had used LEAN in their redesign. We chose a design that eliminated steps for the staff and allowed easy communication between them. We grouped processes based on how a blood sample needs to move thru the lab. We are now able to get the work out faster than we had previously and are able to utilize our staff more efficiently. The bonus for us is a more professional appearance, and a quieter workspace than we had before. It is a lab staff are very proud to work in!

“Joe Krol of Hamann did a wonderful job of keeping us in the loop. It was necessary to keep working within the space during the construction and he understood that we needed to put out high quality results 24/7 no matter what was going on around us. He always kept us posted and checked in with us when large changes needed to be made. He often had his staff come in very early in the morning so as not to make extensive noise during surgeries which were going on on the floor above us.”

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