Build-to-Lease by Hamann Construction

Having difficulty finding the right space for your business?
We can build and lease a facility to you

What is Build-to-Lease?

Build-to-lease is a dynamic process which involves construction of a new structure as well as negotiating a lease to occupy that building once it is finished. Hamann Construction will work with you to design and build a free-standing space specifically tailored to your business. We can also offer you flexibility in terms of a short- or long-term lease, an option to buy, and more. An agreement can also be made to deduct your lease payments.

A build-to-lease arrangement is common and is used by all types and sizes of businesses. In most cases, you become the sole occupant of the building. Build-to-lease offers an efficient method for a company to lease a custom facility without having to make a large upfront investment.

Build-to-Lease by Hamann Construction

Build-to-Lease Advantages:

  • Most-effective and less risky undertaking than some other types of development
  • Allows you – the future tenant – an opportunity to potentially tailor the design to your business’s exact needs and incorporate your individual brand into exterior or interior spaces
  • The build-to-lease process may, depending upon availability, permit you to choose the ideal location for your building rather than waiting for properties to build on to become available
  • Developments of this type are typically new construction using the latest in energy-efficient construction methods and materials thereby reducing future operating costs for your business
  • Building design can be flexible to allow for future growth and expansion
  • Rent for build-to-lease properties is, in most cases, fully tax deductible over the term of the lease

If you are interested in a build-to-lease development, please contact us today.