Industrial / Manufacturing Facilities:

Kohler Smart Home Experience Lab, Kohler, WI

Renovation of Kohler foundry’s 3,600-square-foot basement space into a Smart Home Experience Lab. The space includes three 20×27-foot rooms specifically designed to allow for building, testing and enhancement of smart home technology revolving around the Kohler Konnect app and a collection of new and updated products, the company’s IoT (Internet of Things) smart home network powered by Microsoft Azure.

Special project specifications required Hamann remove existing concrete floor and excavate down 12” to create a mechanical chase to house wiring, plumbing and ductwork. This allows for easy modification of mechanical systems as needed for future lab space requirements. All materials had to be brought out from Kohler foundry’s lower level with mini excavators because of headroom restrictions.

One of three design center labs contains a shower, sink and faucet, bathroom mirror and toilet, all of which can be controlled by either an app or voice command. A Kitchen Product Testing Area was also constructed along with a Collaboration Area.

Photos courtesy of Kohler Company.