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Ceco® steel building frame systems are cost-effective, high-performance alternatives to traditional structural framing systems. Hamann Construction has decades of experience designing and building with Ceco helping our clients reduce operating costs and make use of their new structures sooner.

As a Ceco Authorized Builder, Hamann Construction uses custom-engineered metal building systems because of their high degree of flexibility in architectural design. From primary framing systems to secondary framing systems to bracing, Ceco framing systems are extremely configurational and preferred in the industry. Ceco products support clear spans from 10 feet to 250 feet or greater, single skin roof and wall panels that allow multiple sheeting options for quick weather tightness, and insulated paneling systems for maximum energy efficiency.

MPU Ceco Metal Building by Hamann

Top 6 Benefits of Ceco Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems

  • Design Flexibility – offers virtually endless architectural possibilities
  • Speed of Construction – shown to reduce construction times up 30%
  • Expansion Flexibility – easily expandable for future projects
  • Low Maintenance – durable, easier to maintain than woodframe and concrete structures
  • Energy Efficiency – energy-efficient roof and wall systems
  • Sustainability – all Ceco buildings and doors contain up to 68.9% recycled steel

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