R2H Flavor Technology Manufacturing-Facility Construction Almost Complete

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings:

R2H Flavor Technology, LLC, Manitowoc, WI

New 50,625-square-foot manufacturing facility for R2H Flavor Technology, LLC, located in Manitowoc’s Industrial Park off of Vits Drive. R2H Flavor Technology is a privately owned startup company primarily producing liquid smoke flavorings to be used in the meat, snack and seasoning markets around the world.

To accommodate their type of manufacturing process and enable specific equipment plans, Hamann worked closely with owner ­­Jeff Rozum to help identify potential design items and verify elements like floor thickness and trench drain locations.

Hamann’s expertise with Ceco Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems made it possible to include cost-effective architectural elements into the facility’s design that were required by the industrial park.

“We are very grateful for the help everyone in the Hamann group has given over the past several months to turn our vision into a reality.” – Jeff Rozum

R2H Flavor Technology