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Lincoln Park Fieldhouse, Manitowoc, WI

Hamann Construction constructed an ADA-compliant exterior ramp and accessible entrance to the Lincoln Park Fieldhouse facility, renovated existing first floor restrooms to meet ADA requirements, and completed repair work on various walls and ceiling of the structure.

Located at 1215 North 8th Street in Manitowoc, the Lincoln Park Fieldhouse is a 1939 two-story facility with rentable meeting/gathering areas on the first floor and lower level, and a full kitchen and dining area in the basement.

City of Manitowoc Facility Rentals – Lincoln Park Fieldhouse

Front Porch Double Doors and Ramp:
Existing front porch double doors were removed. Additional framing was added as a single ADA-compliant metal door with hardware was installed. Finish work was completed on framing, siding, door, and frame. Concrete ramp was added in front of the new door and ADA railing was added.

Addition of ADA-Compliant Exterior Ramps:
Construction of a pressure-treated wood ADA-compliant ramp at west side of building for accessibility to existing covered porch. Baluster detail added to match existing Fieldhouse architectural detail. 

Both entrances to existing men’s and women’s restrooms were enlarged, wall surfaces were repaired, and two new ADA-compliant steel doors with frames and hardware were installed.

Hamann removed existing toilets and urinal fixtures, floor tile and subfloor, and install new ADA-compliant floor mounted toilets in both restrooms, wall-mounted urinal in men’s restroom, and plumbing and fixtures, and new subfloor and tile. ADA-compliant grab bars, toilet paper holder and paper towel holder were installed in each restroom. Cast-iron sewer piping was removed and replaced with proper PVC piping. Restroom walls and doors were also painted.

Wall/Ceiling Repairs:
Repair work was also completed on ceiling and walls in various areas inside Lincoln Park Fieldhouse.