Front View Meeme House Iconic Wrap Around Porch Restored

Special Construction:

Meeme House Inn, Pinecrest, Manitowoc, WI

A historic landmark built over 160 years ago, the Meeme House Inn was taken apart in three sections and transported 15 miles to the Manitowoc County Historical Society’s Pinecrest Village. At this new location, the Inn was painstakingly reassembled and restored by Hamann Construction and other contractors and volunteers to serve as an interactive living history museum. The original structure functioned as an Inn, tavern, grand ballroom, and meeting and polling house.

Work to restore the Meeme House Inn to its original 1915 glory included exterior restoration with new period-appropriate siding, reassembly and restoration of an iconic wrap-around porch, and the addition of new windows, doors, and roof. Interior work included installation of a new furnace, ductwork, septic system with restrooms, new electrical wiring throughout the building, archival storage space, and an emergency storm shelter in the basement.

Meeme House Inn at Pinecrest Historical Society